August 24, 2019

Voice of Moreau:  The psychology of C.J. Jung was very focused on archetypes, universal patterns that reveal deep truths about the human psyche.  The primary four archetypes, found in each and every human soul, include: The Self, The Shadow, The Persona and The Anima/Animus.  Because these dimensions of the subconscious together constitute the experience of being human, we should trust that the Cross embodies the entire drama therein.  The naked body of our Lord, stretched out and laid open upon the wood of the Cross, is the image of the Self in all of its vulnerability.  The wounds of Christ, in his hands, feet, head and side, are the mark of the Shadow who dwells within us and inexplicably seems to work against our own good.  “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews,” that is, the Messiah, can be likened to the Persona, or role that we each play in life.  And while the Animus is the boldness with which Christ crucified proclaims the Good News, especially in the defiant way he confronts both Jewish and Roman authority, the passivity of the Son who hands over his spirit to his heavenly Father should remind us of the Anima.  Let us, therefore, not be afraid to engage in the science of psychology to affirm the truth of the Cross.  Ave Crux, Spes Unica!

3 thoughts on “August 24, 2019

  1. Wonderful transfer of Jung’s archetypes to the cross. I find it interesting that the persona [which means mask in Greek] tries so hard to shield the ego from negative experiences—but it is by shedding the ego that we truly carry the cross [face the hard truths and suffer] as our true selves. Good stuff guys!

    1. You are the man, TK! You got it…shielding the ego is not the way to go. Shielding the deeper self, the true self is point, and it happens, as you point out, precisely through “shedding the ego” which is an ongoing process…dying to self. Indeed, the risen Christ is still crucified (Jn 20:24-27). Our hope has a long-term crucified form.

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