September 18, 2021

What is your vocation?  To be a priest, a married person, a firefighter, a nun, a small business owner, a teacher, a single person?  The problem with answers like this is that they keep us at a safe distance from the living God who cannot be neatly packaged into an idea.  “To be called,” rather, suggests something deeper, more spiritual and much more personal.  We are called by a voice, which we all instinctively know at the level of the gut and which invites us out of the stifling patterns of our daily lives into the fresh air of a new day.  Yes, our vocation ends up looking like something – maybe it involves a uniform or a lifestyle or a profession or a relationship – but those things change.  The point is God, and God calls us through all sorts of experiences so that the barnacles might be scraped from our souls and we might draw ever closer to God.  Therefore, the next time someone asks us, “What is your vocation?” let’s respond honestly, “My vocation is to constantly take a risk on the Father, and the rest is details.”  Though we may be misunderstood or made to feel inadequate, like Jesus, our souls will nevertheless be at peace because we have spoken the truth, as indeed, “Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my voice” (Jn 18:37).  Ave Crux, Spes Unica. 

2 thoughts on “September 18, 2021

  1. Happy Sunday and belated Feast of the Cross ( this past week) Brothers!

    How apropos in timing is your Post of 9/18 as many are still struggling with finding their place in the workforce. For me this is a very HOT TOPIC!

    Here in So Cal, we have many places understaff as the “workers” make more money on unemployment and refuse to come back to work. Or perhaps they are still discerning their true calling. Meanwhile, those who wish to support “businesses” cannot be fully serviced because the “wait” is real. The supplemental Govenment monies will end -this month, I think.

    ON another front, I have collegues who are NOT vaccinated and refuse to do so. As a consequence, they have been given a directive to be vaccinated by Oct OR be separated from our place of employment (we are Govenment funded). They will no longer be able to on campus and if no placement is found for them outside the classroom, then they will be terminated. Some have FAITH that GOD is in charge and will provide.
    Hence your line of;
    “What is your vocation?” let’s respond honestly, “My vocation is to constantly take a risk on the Father, and the rest is details.”

    I understand that this piece (and all your posts) is asking us to look towards the BIGGER picture, but should I NOT believe that GOD sends us “details” via Scientists and others to help provide our way WHILE we are here on Earth? I am of the believe that GOD sends us signs to show us the way and we should be grateful for all that is given to us. But, I also believe we have to use our REASON and LOGIC!

    My heart aches for those who are willing to let FEAR and PRIDE stand in their way. I most sincerely pray that GOD will provide for them, by letting their hearts be at peace with their decision to walk away. And I ask for you to add them to your prayer list.

    Peace to you, Brothers.


    1. Hello and greetings, Margie!
      Thanks for your passionate response to this post – there is a lot going on in that schoolhouse!
      As to “taking a risk on the Father,” there is one God but lots of imitations. To believe in the Father is to believe in his Son who is the Word (Logos in Greek, Ratio in Latin) which is reason, knowledge, truth. Those who attribute their actions to God, but whose actions are not aligned with the truth/reason/knowledge/etc., is a sign that they do not yet know the one, true God. Perhaps that process – of trying to believe in God but instead putting our faith in a concept or political caricature of God – is how all of our spiritual journeys unfold to some degree. Our faith is eventually purified – especially through the trials of this life and the final trial of death – and we come to truly believe in the Father, precisely through his Word (cf. Jn 14:6). In any event, “taking a risk on the Father” is the essence of the life of Jesus – especially the paschal mystery – and the meaning of our lives as disciples of Jesus. I say let’s pray for the grace to provide an effective counter-witness to the faiths around us that are missing the mark! Peace to you and courage in this great task!

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