March 4, 2023

“The thing about money,” says a friend of mine, “is that you can either have not enough of it…or too much!”  Money, indeed, has a way of captivating the human heart (1 Tim 6:10).  It is instant power, leverage, influence, and control.  Perhaps we stockpile cash or investments under the delusion that we may need them one day, or we rationalize that we have earned them or deserve to have them – all the while our souls grow distant from the source of life who insists that we do not need to store up riches for ourselves (Mt 6:26) and that our vulnerability will be met with great care, if only we trusted!  During this season of self-awareness, therefore, let’s find quiet and creative ways to share our wealth with friends and neighbors in the communities that surround us.  Like playing the stock market, we shall discover that people grow in miraculous ways and bear unexpected dividends when someone takes the time to invest in them.  We shall thus learn to deal in a spiritual currency that actually increases in value the more we spend it (Acts 3:6).  Ave Crux, Spes Unica!

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