May 13, 2023

It’s funny how our attitudes about things change as we are drawn further and further along the path of life.  I have this friend who is a brilliant intellectual – and a devout secularist.  When we would gather together, thinking that there was some religious deficiency in him that jeopardized his salvation, I would try to steer our conversations in a way that would help him “see the truth.”  How awkward it is for me to admit that!  Many years have now passed, however, and it is obvious to me that he was the one preaching the gospel in our relationship – by his patience, his humility, his respect for me, his willingness to withhold judgment, and his faithfulness to the deeper calling of our friendship.  The next time, therefore, I think I am doing someone a favor by bringing them to Jesus, let me pause for a moment, say a prayer for guidance, and perhaps discover that Jesus is bringing me to them.  Ave Crux, Spes Unica.

“The Same Inside” by Anna Swir

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