Faithfully for the Sake of the Lord

Brother Maximus was born in Talkuny, Lithuania. He came to the United States when he was fifteen to meet his uncle Father Czyzewski, CSC, the pastor of St. Hedwig Church in South Bend, IN.  He entered Holy Cross in 1897.  He taught at St. Hedwig School and worked in the Notre Dame bookstore until 1905.  He was assigned to teach at Sacred Heart College in Watertown, WI for one year and then for another year at Cathedral High School in Fort Wayne.  In 1907, Maximus was sent to Holy Trinity Grammar School in Chicago, IL.  

After three years he began teaching at Holy Trinity High School and remained there for the next fifty-four years. He was principal of the school from 1917-1920.  He studied nights at both Loyola and DePaul Universities and earned a bachelor’s degree in 1924. The new high school building was opened in 1928, and Brother Maximus was once again appointed principal until 1934.  

He faithfully taught his courses in Polish and Latin and wrote a history of the Polish-American settlement in South Bend, IN.  Retiring in 1961, he went to Columba Hall where he edified all by doing menial tasks such as dusting and cleaning the dining room.  His was a total life of service, as for him all work was a sacred prayer.

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