November 6, 2021

Why do we lose the forest for the trees so often?  It’s probably because we rely on our own powers to navigate our way through life!  Indeed, the human mind, which a certain doctor of the church calls “an idol-making machine,” has us believing that every single thing that we encounter is the whole.  In an instant, our hearts become attached to a person or place or thing, and, without realizing it, we organize ourselves around some phenomenon that is not God.  It is like the story of the one monk who sees another monk staring up into the heavens in great awe one evening.  He inquires what he is looking at, only to get a finger pointing to the moon.  The first monk gets so enthralled by the finger that he never lifts his eyes to the moon and completely misses out on the spectacular sight.  If we cultivate a deep trust in the living God who has the power to save us from this dead-end behavior, we will slowly, but surely, be liberated from the many things that enslave us and be drawn back to the truth (cf. Rom 1:25).  We shall learn to walk blindly through the “dark wood of life,” to adopt the radical posture of the crucified Christ, and to receive all things as gift from the finger of the one who has ordained them from the beginning of time.  Ave Crux, Spes Unica!

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