December 4, 2021

Look down at your feet.  There God has led you.  Look at your hands.  With them serve. This is a trustworthy recipe for the Christian life.  In a Church that has all sorts of Kingdom-building architects and worker bees, it can be easy to lose sight of the point.  The point is to enter into a trusting relationship with our heavenly Father – allowing our feet to constantly be led to new places (cf. Jn 21:18) – and to draw others into that same love all the while – with our very hands (cf. Lk 10:37). Let’s, therefore, do a real examination of our hearts this evening:  What prevents me from following where God is actually leading me?  What holds me back from reaching out to others in service?  Is it a lack of trust?  Is it fear?  Am I confused?  What must I do to move forward?!  We shall come to discover a deep logic in our lives, a pattern that ultimately looks like dancing where we, freed from the bondage of our own stuff, simply enter into an exciting and unceasing partnership with the One Whom Our Hearts Have Loved All Along (cf. Song 3:3).  The dancing goes on until everyone is dancing and then, together, we dance for all eternity!  What are we waiting for? Let’s get those hands and feet moving. Let’s boogie! Ave Crux, Spes Unica!

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