December 18, 2021

Risk, O glorious risk!  You make it possible for me to transcend the narrow confines of my self-containment.  Risk, O glorious risk!  You provide a path out of my stifling logic and formulas.  Risk, O glorious risk!  You rescue me from the so-called safety that atrophies my spirit.  Risk, O glorious risk!  You challenge me.  You see through my defenses.  You expose my fear.  Oh how I desire to encounter the mystery of it all!  Oh how I long to be in union with the all!  Deliver me, therefore, from the instinct to grab, to take hold of, to clasp onto.  Interrupt that moment when the weight of clinging takes over.  Spread my arms wide.  Open my hands.  Make me generous in receptivity.  Indeed, you are not something to be mastered, but the master who teaches me something about life.  Silence is the language that you speak.  Courage is your favorite virtue.  Your way is wide open.  May we, thus, be partnered together on this journey.  May we walk together side by side into the great unknown.  May we have life together.  Risk, O glorious risk, you enlarge my heart forever.  Ave Crux, Spes Unica

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