April 29, 2023

“When uncertain, do nothing.”  This maxim has been helping people to take ownership of their spiritual lives for centuries.  While we tell ourselves that we do not have time to discern and that we must simply issue a decision in the midst of pressure-filled circumstances, our restlessness and dissatisfaction with the outcome are sure signs that our process remains distant from the ground of being who cannot but bring clarity, certainty and stability to our lives.  It is probably the case that our impulsive actions are rooted in fear.  Do we really believe in the living God?  Do we really accept our creatureliness?  Do we really desire to make lifegiving and durable choices?  The next time we are faced with a complicated situation, therefore, let’s resist the urge to act without first listening to the voice of the beloved.  Indeed, the great winds, the earthquakes and the fires will all pass, and, when the time is right, that “still small voice” will speak and make us sure-footed on the one true path that leads to life (1 Kings 19:11-18).  Ave Crux, Spes Unica


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