October 31, 2020

Here is something to consider the next time we find ourselves in the middle of a crisis situation – that the Cross only makes sense once it has been passed through.  In the moment, it is confusing, disruptive, dark and painful.  Like our Lord, we too cry out from this place of high vulnerability, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?”  Yet, from deep within us, powerful, albeit unspoken, words call us to keep taking steps forward.  And, like Christ, our feet are in fact led to that safe harbor, through the sheer grace of providence, where we can stand, look back and have perspective – “Oh, now I get it!”  It is like Moses experiencing the call to lead his people across the desert to the sea.  Even though it did not make sense at the time and it was stressful to be on a path that seemed like it would simply dead-end and result in a massacre, Moses trusted.  But once the trial was over, it all made so much sense!  Horse and chariot were cast into the sea!  Maybe our current crisis is really the slow work of God being worked out in ways that we cannot possibly understand in the moment.  Maybe ours is simply to trust and walk.  Ave Crux, Spes Unica!

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